A day of ideas inspired by a beach trip

We had a fabulous day on the beach. I burnt my legs, baby boy tried out his very own ‘sand race car’ made by Daddy and our daughter created her own collection of islands using grass from the sand dunes. 

The reason for my very late post is I have just completed an online crash course in sailing. I have my RYA 1 and 2 but the last time I sailed was when I was 17 and I wasn’t very successful at it either. However, on the road to the beach, a stunning mini yacht caught our eye with a for sale board outside and we screeched to a halt. To cut a long story short, it looks like we will be buying it and then we will begin the pursuit of insurance mooring and, for me at least, training!

I am both excited and anxious at the same time at the thought of embarking on a journey into the hidden and rather exclusive world of sailing with its own language and laws. Hopefully the sailing community will help us as we start our first launch and I have high hopes for future family holidays on the water and for my son and daughter to learn about sailing life from a young age. I am horsey and know what it is like to observe someone tacking up a horse for the first time – you want to watch them struggle for a bit first for light entertainment and then offer a helping hand……watch out seasoned sailors as we tackle our first launch and sail – it is going to be very amusing!

My husband also got some spectacular images on the beach today. In fact he is very good at photography and we thought that, combined with his tree climbing skills, he could take some amazing tree canopy pictures or ‘treepics’ – I’m sure hotels, national trust properties and the like would appreciate such images for website marketing – watch this space….

I am blogging every day to raise money for Unicef. See my site on Unicef’s page here.

Thanks for reading.


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