A no brainer?

Sometimes it is easier to work out the answer to a dilemma by writing (or in this case typing) the reasons behind the dilemma. I have divided the reasons into logical and emotional. The logical reasons carry less weight than the emotional because I believe no matter how much you can justify a decision on facts alone, it is emotions that have the final say. 

The dilemma in question is whether or not we should sell our house. The reasons for and against are as follows:

The case FOR moving (logical)
1) the house is too far away from both our workplaces meaning that we have long commute times and fuel costs
2) On our  days off we tend to get in the car and drive to somewhere else to walk the dogs, take a trip etc thus racking up the fuel bills further
3) We are not happy with the standard of the local secondary school so know that we will have to drive our daughter a longer distance if we want her to go to a better secondary school and that is assuming that we will get a place 

The case FOR moving (emotional)
1) We are not that keen on the neighbours or their tendency to walk around with dodgy dogs off the lead
2) We don’t want to be here for longer than a decade (the house was always another step up on the property ladder rather than the forever home)
3) We are feeling restless and want change

The case AGAINST (logical)
1) Property prices are starting to creep up again and we could be bailing out of the property market too soon (as we are going into rented)
2) Our monthly outgoings on rent will be more than our current mortgage payments (although we will be able to accommodate this increase)

The case AGAINST (emotional)
1) Sentimental reasons (house baby boy was born and where daughter spent her younger years)
2) Daughter enjoys her school and is doing well
3) Husband and I are having arguments over whether to rent or buy and the difficulties in getting a mortgage when self employed.

The solution is a no brainer isnt it?

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Thanks for reading.


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