Biking is good for the soul

I forgot to mention that I almost got a motorbike yesterday. My husband is looking to part exchange his Suzuki Vstrom in for a bike that we can both ride (the Vstrom is both too heavy and too tall for me to ride in comfort). It is tricky for us to both pitch up at a bike dealer with kids in tow, so he swapped his bike in for an hour’s ride on a 2 year old Honda CBF600. It looked a bit like this:

 …….But with colour coded panniers too.

When hubby arrived aboard it, I didn’t waste anytime getting my kit on, quickly evicting dead spiders in my boots and not bothering to remove the winter liner in my jacket to save time. With a final confidence inducing comment from hubby about the 2000 pounds insurance excess, I sped off. Pleased to be liberated from the trials and tribulations of being a mum and reluctant housewife. 

This is a perfect bike for a novice like me who doesn’t get much of a chance to put the miles in to up experience levels. When you are an on/ off biker like me you have to ride 100% committed with no crack in confidence. This is a piss easy bike to throw in to corners and climb the revs and blast pass traffic. I had a ball with a quick sprint along my nearest A road thinking about the steam coming out of my husband’s ears when I realised I left my mobile phone at home (whoops). I was tempted to carry on for another half hour but knew we were on a deadline to get it back to the dealership. 

Sure enough when I returned home hubby was jumping up and down about spending too much time on the bike. Thank God I did though as he returned an hour later back on his Vstrom again having not secured a deal over 700 pounds. They wouldn’t give him what he wanted for the Vstrom so he pulled out of the deal, which is fair enough as he doesn’t want a good bike to go for crap money.

So now he is on a mission to sell it privately and will leave it to fate if the Vstrom sale and CBF purchase coincides.

All I know is a motorbike ride, no matter how brief and irregular, is good for the soul.

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Thanks for reading.


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