The highlight of the day and month happened today watching my daughter on stage in her Theatre School’s adaptation of the hit West End musical ‘Matilda’. Every single child on stage sang and danced their hearts out because they were enjoying performing. It seemed everyone was on a theatrical high. The girl who played Matilda had a fantastic voice and I liked the fact that quite a few cast members, boys and girls, got a chance to play Mrs Trunchbull. 

The show was the culmination of a week long workshop that has seen my daughter grinning from ear to ear all week. I wish I could get the same reaction from her around horses but from a very early age she has enjoyed role play and acting. Teachers even comment on the role play she does at school, so that is why I signed her up for Theatre School as I knew it was something she might enjoy. I wasn’t wrong. Yet when we go to the stables to look after the ponies in exchange for rides she is not interested and would rather pedal round on the ride-on tractor than tack up a pony. That is the key in finding out a child’s passions and interests, if you, as a parent, do not need to encourage a child to do something because they enjoy doing it so much anyway then THAT is the thing that you need to encourage – what they naturally enjoy. 

For me I am glad she has different interests to me because it makes life more interesting for all of us as a family because her interests have opened up a new world to us. Baby boy has been attending my daughter’s performances since a little baby and he thoroughly enjoyed Matilda. I think he might be next in line for Theatre School at this rate.

Matilda has a fantastic sound track and my favourite is ‘When I grow up’ not only because of the melody but because the words ring true – I haven’t grown up yet and am still looking forward to that day! I think Barnardos and the NSCPCC should use the song to strengthen the resolve of children in care and those supporting them so that they stand the chance of a better grown up life.

I am blogging every day to raise money for Unicef check out my page on their site here.

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