Clean, clean I must clean

They say to get your house ready for market you need to get it to the state where you could fall in love with it and buy it all over again. When we bought our house over 6 years ago the house was a state with woodchip wallpaper old carpets and holes in walls where the previous vendor had stored all her God fearing titles (she was a preacher). Over the years we have stripped back the walls, made rooms bigger and generally updated the whole house. 

Tomorrow the agent’s photographer is coming round to take pictures so my husband and I were like whirlwinds all weekend. Hubby trimmed hedges and I cleaned and cleaned inside. Moving pots here, trinkets there de-cluttering re-arranging shelves. When we finally stood back to admire we thought to ourselves “actually we don’t want to sell it any more, let’s bump the price up so we have a really good reason to move”. 

So we are going to up the price again by another 5k as there will be no onward chain so figure people would be prepared to pay a bit more to save the hassle.

Where will we move to next if we sell? We are going to rent for a while but ideally we want to buy again. There is talk of me returning to full-time work so that we can get the mortgage we want. This would mean baby boy stays at home with Daddy and then goes into full-time childcare as he nears school age. This is sad for me. I glanced at the picture of my daughter when she was 3 on the beach with my dad’s dog. Now she is 7 and a half and has her first pubic hair. Time goes by too quickly and she is growing up fast. I don’t want to miss out on these precious years with my daughter and son for the sake of getting a bigger and better house, Life is too short. Ideally I would like to be in a position to adopt a third child but me in full-time work will push that further down the timeline of our lives. Not sure how important that is to hubby now. Only time will tell. 

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Thanks for reading.


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