Never growing up

We went to a steam powered fairground today that celebrated the best of British Edwardian entertainment. All the rides were timeless classics, carousels, ferris wheels, chairoplanes and, perhaps my baby boys favourite, Austin cars going round and round endlessly. The real hit was having not just one but two steering wheels per car. He had a car all to himself so he was able to spin both wheels round. Its good to encourage multi-tasking in little boys. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed spinning around on the chairoplane. The great thing about steam power is that the speed takes a while to build up and then once the steam machines pumping the rides round reach full throttle, the rides are really quite fast, certainly faster than the modern day carousels, which are ‘set’ to run at a certain speed. 

Just like rides, toys are timeless too. We were watching Quest’s ‘Toy Hunter’ which features a man who hunts retro toys in people’s lofts and garages to find bargains to make a profit. He uncovered Care Bears, Star Wars characters, the six million dollar man and highly sought after Thundercats figures that never made it to production worth thousands. These were the toys of my generation, yet when I was talking to  my daughter about Care Bears, her eyes lit up “Can I still get one?” she asked. It just goes to show that the traditional girls and boys toys are the best, things to cuddle, things that copy TV and Movie characters and things that go fast and do stuff, like RC cars and action figures. I couldn’t believe that one collector (who had a girlfriend I hasten to add) paid $17,000 for a prototype Star Wars figure! So I took a look on ebay to see what toys from the eighties were still available:

Keypers Joyful rabbit (the one I remember playing with as a kid)


And He-Man’s Battle Cat …for 90 pounds!

Proof that we never grow up!

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