What has Kate Middleton and a Gorilla got in common?

People watching is fun isn’t it? One thing I neglected to mention in my account of the Chessington visit yesterday, was the eclectic mix of people there. Large Asian families with huge cars, large white British working class families with Peckham accents, tattoos and oodles of Gold, WAGS in their 4x4s, goths, grunge godesses, a rock couple and their kid, Black young men calling eachother ‘bro’, young women with beehives and 4 inches of make-up recording every second on an iphone plus regular facebook updates, 40 plus Mums texting their husbands instructions on when the baby’s next feed is due while they wait in the queue for a ride with the older sibling, Jewish families with their curly locks, Muslim families……….and then us. 

We all piled in to the same place to be entertained for the day. In the zoo we gazed at the mummy gorilla with her baby and she stared back at us with an indifferent, humble but mature stare, which implied she knew far more than was visible from a physical perspective. A couple of northern women said to their child “No there isn’t a baby there its just the Gorilla’s hand chuck”, (to be fair to them the baby was slightly obscured by straw) but when I pointed the baby out to them they stared harder through their layers of mascara and got their iphones out to grab a pic. I then glanced back at the gorilla and wondered who is actually looking at who for entertainment purposes? I initially felt sorry for the gorilla captive in an enclosure but it looked a nice environment, protected from prey and no worries about sourcing food – and who needed a TV when you had every walk of life stroll in front of a couple of glass screens to pull funny faces at you and coo over your baby. Come to think of it the Mummy Gorilla at Chessington has a lot in common with Kate Middleton.

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Thanks for reading.


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