Kindle versus books, domestic violence, adoption…in no particular order

My Kindle broke today and this is what is wrong with technology.

Before I had a Kindle I read books. The downside of the books were that they were a bit dog-eared and a bit heavy to hold up at bed-time when you start to nod off in front of the pages. Despite these minor drawbacks, the book would never ask you to re-charge it, would never run out of power and would never go completely blank for no apparent reason (the fate that has met my Kindle).

I had just uploaded some new books to it too and was a quarter of the way through Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park. I now have to wait for my husband to dig out the receipt he hopefully hasn’t lost when he bought it for me at Christmas and hope that the guarantee still stands. In the meantime I will have to go back to paper books…..but I haven’t got any, they are all on my Kindle……

I learned today that a mother at  my daughter’s school (who I didn’t particularly get on with) has pulled her children out of the school at the very last minute to flee her husband who had been beating her. They had three children together and had built a house together and no-one knew the full extent of the domestic abuse but knew that there had been instances when it had happened and had just put it down to occasional times of stress. Her husband is a big burly and quite aggressive looking man (I had a run in with him once albeit verbally not physically….don’t think I would have won that one). His wife was also tall and fairly robustly built so I dread to think what he must have done for her to finally call it quits and leave with her children.

It is wrong that domestic abuse is still present in homes across the country and I hope that she finds solace in her new home for her sake as well as for the children as no child should have to witness such scenes in their home. I recall when we were looking into adoption and the social worker stating that a large percentage of children who come up for adoption are from homes that suffered domestic abuse. She mentioned that they even suffered the symptoms of the abuse before they were even born as the fear felt by the mother crosses the placenta and is passed to the foetus. As a result children born into this environment are hypersensitive particularly to noise and the social worker asked us if we bang doors in arguments and shout as we would need to modify our behaviour if this was the case.

I am still very keen to pursue an adoption as soon as we have the space and finances to accommodate another child but am aware of the challenge that lies ahead and sceptical as to how much the LA support you after placement.

I am blogging every day to raise money for Unicef. If you are able to support the campaign, please visit my page of Unicef’s site.

Thanks for reading.



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