Society’s conscience bears the failings that led to Daniel Pelka’s death

The news of the abuse and murder of a four year old boy by his own mother continues to disturb me and I was up most of the night thinking about that little boy and the pain and suffering he had to endure with no-one protecting him or even attempting to protect him. As news of the case spreads, the media are issuing more stories with quotes from Daniel’s Grandmother and his father about how upset they are – but where were they when Daniel needed them? 

Nick Clegg sums up the public response very well in a recent interview when he said that Daniel Pelka’s death is on ‘all of our consciences’. I hope the case review highlights areas that can be quickly rectified for the safety of other vulnerable children who may be out there tonight suffering like Daniel but with no-one to protect them. 

Although this blog is dedicated to Unicef, this week I would like to encourage donations to the NSPCC in light of this tragic case. The NSPCC operate childline and provide resources for people who are concerned about a child’s safety. Daniel could have been saved if someone had the courage to raise the alarm over their suspicions and pursue their suspicions until they were rest assured Daniel was OK. The NSPCC provides such a service so if you are concerned about a child’s safety in your neighbourhood or at school take action and call  0808 500 8000.

Thanks for reading.


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