Hooping and Rallying

Wow it was hot today. I power-hooped up a real sweat this morning with the ladies in the village hall. Those who came prepared dowsed themselves in wet flannel while others, like me, just used the back of our hands. It felt good, as I have now started the ball rolling (or the hoop spinning) for the Hoopathon to raise money for Bhopal. This was one of my New Year’s resolutions so I am glad to be finally fulfilling it. I have agreed a date with the power-hoop instructors so just need to drum up the support now. It will be held in late September in a very public location in my nearest city. Hopefully we will not only help to raise money but also awareness of the charity and the continued traumatic plight of the residents of Bhopal, India’s equivalent of Chernobyl. Children are being born with deformities nearly 30 years after the accident and the corporation responsible for the accident has never adequately compensated the victims neither taken responsibility for the environmental clean-up that is still intoxicating the local water supply today. Find out more about Bhopal.

Today I discovered another biker in the form of a very friendly female estate agent. She was clearly very experienced and able to advise us on the best bike track days to go to. It got me to thinking about how many ‘undercover’ bikers there are around and also how many undercover female petrol heads there are. I have decided in the future to plan and organise an annual gathering of female petrolheads for a rally ride and drive in aid of a charity and in support of a grant to promote women in Motorsport. I am getting excited just thinking about it as I type. The first event would be modest and then we would build on it over the years, in the hope of setting up a new grant for women in motorsport of supporting existing grants such as the funding provided by the FIA. I still believe there is too much untapped female talent out there across motorsport and more could be done to support talent and get rides and drives for female competitors without relying purely on securing corporate sponsorship, which is male dominated……Watch this space.

I am blogging every day to raise money for Unicef. See how much I have raised so far here.

Thanks for reading.

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