It was my daughter’s sports day today in scorching hot heat (well for us Brits anyway). She was an absolute star all togged up in her long white socks, sporty shorts and blue top for her team, The Eagles. There are three teams (or houses as they call them in old fashioned public schools) the Eagles, the Falcons and the Hawks. To add even more atmosphere to the children’s chants, I think each house should be given a battle tune. The Eagles I guess would have an Eagles hit, but Hotel California is a bit chilled for that purpose, although it has an excellent guitar intro. Hawks could have Highway to the Dangerzone (I’m thinking of the Skyhawk fighter jet…tenuous I know) and Falcons could well the theme tune to a film due in 2014 called Falcon Song starring Rainey Qualley (daughter of Andie Macdowell)? Extremely tenuous. OK I’m struggling now so moving on….

Well the newsflash for us was that she won her race. She won it against boys too, in fact, we were super excited to see her finally realise the strength and length of gait in her ‘spaghetti’ legs. In her first sports day it was like watching a gazelle being chased by a lion, all legs and action but no real ground coverage or direction. My husband and I were pleasantly surprised to see her nail the competition (not that we are remotely competitive ourselves….)

When I went to hug her at the end, she was soaked with sweat as it was so hot today. But she had the biggest grin on her face – one of those moments she will no doubt remember in her mental catalogue of life’s milestones.

Thankfully for us there were no parents races. I would have been hideously competitive and probably would have added fuel to the recent headline ‘painkiller sales soar as parents recover from sports day participation’.

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