I HATE the stiff upper lip of the British

I am British, whatever that means. Personally I have no care for my origins only that we are all human and all need to look out for each other regardless of where we come from. 

However it is difficult to be compassionate towards each other when there is an injustice. Inevitably sympathies fall on the side of one as opposed to the other at times of conflict dependent on your viewpoint. For example, while I care for the Jewish as well as the Arabic (and the same for Muslims, Hindus, Christians etc etc I could go on carving people up according to ethnicity, religion, culture) I feel the pain inflicted by the Jewish upon the Palestinians is both excessive, wrong and devastating for humanity…..and that’s just in the Gaza strip. This is not a political statement it is just one example of many atrocities occurring around the world at this precise moment.

Often conflicts are caused by something trivial that is blown out of proportion or an unwillingness by one side to talk and negotiate with the other. In all conflicts the fundamental cause could have been rectified with communication. Is it no wonder that in most of the conflicts throughout the centuries, the British have been present somewhere along the line. 

This is because of our illogical ‘stiff upper lip’, which is an immature, unintelligent response to glossing over issues that really should not be glossed over. As a result, issues get worse and the upper lip gets stiffer. It is a pathetic approach to dealing with the issues of humanity and should not be respected or reflected on with pride.

I speak out of frustration with a family that is steeped in the essence of Britishness and keeping that lip stiff. As a result a whole host of family hang ups and personal failings have arisen that, as time has worn on, have been more and more problematic to solve. In order to overcome the failings of this approach, I have to resort to immature and degrading behaviour in order to retain pride, respect and self-esteem. 

This element of Britishness is crap  – Keep calm and carry on is the biggest load of upper class bollocks I have ever heard of (it didn’t help the passengers of The Titanic did it).

I say identify the problem, sort it and leave the process a better person than before.

Right that’s that rant over….until next time.

I am blogging every day to raise money for Unicef – donate here.

Thanks for reading.


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