Taking the biscuit

This week my body appears to be craving biscuits. Biscuits don’t combine well with a) reducing body fat and b) keeping toned and the saddlebags at bay. My solution? To eat ‘barely there’ biscuits. At 36 calories each, this approach only works if you eat a couple. I have now lost count of how many I have guzzled, I am guessing about 20. I am shit at arithmetic but i know its close to what my daily intake should be…..bugger it. 

This wasn’t helped by my Mother-in-law leaving a pack of chocolate hobnobs in our kitchen. It didn’t take me long to let my inner cookie monster loose on those babies…needless to say the enjoyment was short-lived once the mildly sick and guilt feelings kicked in. 

I figure I am comfort eating because it is that time of the month again (My Doctor is a liar…6 months after the coil was installed and i am still experiencing periods…gah!). My body has also been paying for my over exuberance on the kart track on Monday. My back fuckin kills. It is not a pretty sight in mirrors and looks like I have either had a car crash (almost true) or became a human punch bag for someone. Driving has been challenging ever since as I am struggling to lean back so look like someone who is short with poor eyesight as I drive along (I must admit I am driving slightly faster than usual as the racing blood in me is still fired up – I keep having to remind myself that my car is not a Kart).

On the subject of speed it is the Goodwood festival of Speed this weekend, which means my route to work from tomorrow will resemble the best looking car jam you will have ever seen. I had come up with a cunning plan to avoid the traffic but it looks like the FOS organisers have thought along the same lines as the bloody signs they have put up divert event traffic along the route I was planning to take to avoid the queues ….aah! At least I can drool while I am waiting at all the car porn.

I went to the first ever FOS when it just started up as a little local event. I am not so keen on it now – way too big and way too expensive. But a line from a motoring journo on twitter has alerted me to an event that has sprung up on the calendar that mimics the FOS in the good old days. It is the Wilton Classic Supercar event – family ticket is 30 pounds (that’s more like it) and it has plenty for petrolheads plus children’s play area – what more could you ask for? The only dilemma is that it falls on the birthday weekend of my Dad and Father-in-Law! What do we do? Maybe I could drag my Dad along? Its not really his thing but he used to take me to FOS so maybe he might be up for it for old time’s sake?

Oh, It’s the 10th of July, so it is now a month since I started doing the pilates to tackle saddlebags and I can report that (pause while I grab the tape measure) I am still 95 cm around my butt which means I have lost jack-shit. Maybe I will do the pilates for another month AND cut out the biscuits and see what happens….

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