Crib wars

Why do we develop sentimental attachments to inanimate objects? My in-laws are having a major chuck-out in anticipation of a new downstairs bathroom suite (in an attempt to make their 17th century cottage more habitable for their 70s and 80s. Personally I think they are kidding themselves. Most twenty year olds would grow tired of limboing under the ridiculously low beams throughout the cottage let alone pensioners). The uneven steps are a challenge for toddlers and building regs tend to put toddlers and the elderly in the same category for health and safety reasons. 

Sadly for me on the chuck-out list is the crib that was used for my daughter and son. They spent their first few months on this earth asleep in that crib and because of that I am strangely attached to it. The reason why it is housed with my in-laws is because they used it when my husband was a baby and for both my sisters-in-law. So it has been in the family for quite a while. My mother-in-law re-lined it and updated the fabric around the outside of the wicker casket when my daughter was born. It was a delight to get it back for my son’s birth (my sister-in-law having turned her nose up at it for my niece and nephew) partly because I honestly didn’t think I would see it again because we were struggling to conceive a second child.

I also have a romantic idea of keeping it for my grand-children so that it is used for three generations. But my husband looks at it from the only point of view he considers important, storage. Like my father-in-law he has put his foot down and said ‘No’! I hate being told that at the best of times (I am an only child after all) so when it is something I really, really want I feel like having a tantrum like the kid out of the old trio chocolate bar adverts.

So today as I seemed to constantly lock horns with my husband over every single thing (the crib was to me a little symbolic of our relationship) I had to decide to forget about the ‘nice idea’ and ignore sentimentality. To make life easier I find myself shifting the blame to my in-laws now (groan) .

And all over a crib…..but I find myself wondering if it is something else I am having to draw a line under too…

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Thanks for reading.


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