Getting old……er

In an earlier post I remarked on a few changes in attitude that herald the transition between a twenty something and the approach of middle age. 

One of them is switching from BBC Radio One to Two because, “that’s just noise, not music” and the second was the switching of roles from demanding daughter to providing daughter. 

I have just discovered a couple more…

Taking pleasure in gardening and growing (years of being dragged round garden centres on a Sunday had made me vow never to pick a trowel before 40..whoops!). I am also a reluctant cook. I used to be can’t cook, won’t cook. Now I have to cook otherwise none of us would eat (perhaps after day three my husband might rustle up something in desperation but I am not going to test that theory). In fact last night I was so tired, I just refused to cook and discovered that toast was perfectly sufficient. So, I have decided that If I have to cook I might as well make it a bit more interesting so, despite protestations about the cost of certain ingredients, I am quite enjoying my accidental subscription to BBC Good Food Magazine. This month (or rather the August issue as magazines work in a parallel universe in the future), there are some genius ideas for kids. My favourites are (listed with links embedded to check them out for yourself): edible necklaces, fruity ice-lolly pens (just dip them in food colouring once iced to draw with them) and finally the Chocolate Jungle Jam Jar – I can’t find this online as it is only available in the magazine but basically you get a char put squidgy chocolate pudding in the base to make a jungle swamp, add a layer of wild coconut grass, jelly snakes and chocolate trees – genius!

I will have a go at some point with my daughter and will photograph the result to put on this blog.

Off to the beach now –  in the rain…..(something us oldies do when we are wasting our lives waiting for the sun before we do anything interesting)

I am blogging every day for Unicef – see how much I have raised on Unicef’s site.

Thanks for reading.


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