The hazards of riding a bicycle in dress-up

Last night my daughter learned the unfortunate lesson that it is not easy to cycle while dressed as a Greek Goddess in heels. Her dress got caught, in the wheels the handlebars twisted and she landed astride the pedal – ouch and double ouch! In my post yesterday I thought it had been the seat but judging by the blood this morning and the wound she had, it must have been the pedal.

I took her to the nurse who examined it and ordered a day off school plus lots of cold compress treatment. I quickly pushed aside the selfish panic about work (given that I hadn’t been to work all last week because of baby boy’s illness). But all day today I had to nag at my daughter to take it easy. She was very good about having fridge cold flannels bathing her wound on a regular basis but in-between she wanted to play games and I couldn’t believe it when she sat on her old trike, I said “For God’s sake girl no bike riding regardless of two or three wheels!”. By the afternoon she was playing beat the goalie with me and baby boy in the back garden.

But after a bath and further examination, I found the real reason for all the blood, a wound that both myself and the nurse had missed on the other side. I am hoping that it will heal up and it doesn’t seem to be bothering her – there is not much they can do to repair a wound in that area so all I can do is keep it clean. But when she goes to school tomorrow, I know she will attempt to do all the things she normally does (monkey bars, skipping, climbing etc) regardless of my instructions. So, I am just going to hope that they heal OK and don’t get infected, which would be very painful. She won’t be riding a bike or swimming for a long while, that’s for sure. Think I might get enrolled on a first aid course at this rate!

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Thanks for reading.


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