Eleven o Clock

Its got to 11 o clock and I have concluded that it is amazing what can be done when the kids are in bed. 

Suppertime was the usual manic time with the added chaos of 2 friends and their parents (one of them with a baby sibling). One parent had to rush off to start her night shift as a nurse and the other had just returned from weeding her allotment – its was like an episode of the CBeebies programme ‘Me Too’ – I felt like Granny Murray. I felt like over-smiling and saying in a jolly scottish accent, “Oh ho ho now children lets see what we are going to dress Claude up in today..”. 

When it was time for the last friend to go, my daughter decided to mount her bike in her fancy dress with heels on and promptly fell off and hit the bike seat badly with her ‘front bottom’. She screamed instantly and cried in a way that I knew was genuine pain. When My friend and daughter had made their escape, I went upstairs to see my 7 year old looking like her period had started – it was awful. I stayed calm and asked her to lie down while I mopped up, and uncovered a nasty long cut – ouch! I cleaned it up as best I could and got out the good old germolene so fingers crossed it will ease overnight. I whipped up the trusty calpol and got a dram of that down her neck too for good measure – that’s the last time she will be cycling in heels.

Must go now as baby boy is crying – no rest for the wicked….

I am blogging every day for Unicef. To check out the campaign, visit my page on Unicef’s website.

Thanks for reading.


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