My Dad

Today I enjoyed a day with my dad (and my stepmum). In the run-up to Father’s day, I often panic when I realise, rather late in the day, that my husband is a father too. Thankfully now my daughter is older, she took it upon herself to make something for him. I just bought the card. I let him have a lie-in this morning and brought him up a cup of coffee – which is quite a luxury in our household. 

The weather was dodgy so a BBQ was out, so I decided to do a Thai curry and some walnut bread topped with salmon (dad likes Thai, fish and nuts but not necessarily together, so this was my way of weaving it all into one meal). He is on the 5:2 diet so I was rather hoping that today was a fast day so I wouldn’t have to work too hard, but it turns out he had been saving his feast day especially – doh! I made a walnut topped caramel apple loaf cake (as mentioned yesterday), and despite my temperamental oven, it turned out OK but I still think our oven is on the bucket list – particularly when I threatened not to bake a cake again… (I am no Mary Berry so that is not much of a threat).

However, I did forget the beers…We only had 2 left in the cupboard and yesterday I had that nagging feeling that I had forgotten something when I got to the supermarket check-out and that was it. “Well I think I will have another beer” says Dad “I will join you on that” said my husband. I chip in, “But where are they going to come from?” (I resent the fact that I have to remember when reserves of anything get low like I have an automatic alarm that rings when things start to deplete). Hubby was already not in my good books for putting the essential ingredient for today’s meal (the chicken) in the freezer overnight. So, he had to go to the supermarket and get another packet. Later when we realised the beer was low we thought “oh that’s OK we can just walk to the shop….” but then we realised they were temporarily unable to sell alcohol because their licence had expired. Their way of getting round it was to cover the alcohol in bin liners until they are allowed to sell it again.

Fortunately I remembered we had a bottle of red and although my Dad isn’t really a wine drinker, he said “it’s free” so for him that’s just fine. I bought him some rich for life lottery scratch cards and he won £6. I have yet to hear of anyone actually winning the rich for life cards and, after several years of purchasing them on special occasions, I am starting to wonder whether it is all a bit of a swizz.

The best bit of the day was seeing my Dad interact with baby boy, teasing and tickling him. My baby boy loves it (my daughter has always been one step ahead of my Dad so she is not so easy to tease/ wind-up). Baby boy has my Dad’s middle name and it is good to see that they have a bond. In fact seeing my husband and Dad enjoying time with the kids is one of the best experiences in life – those moments when you just want to press pause.

I am blogging every day to raise money for Unicef. If you want to support the campaign, please visit my page on Unicef’s website.

Thanks for reading.

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