If I had a pelvis like Elvis..

……I would belt 2 babies out with a 6 year gap in-between and still be able to ride a horse or motorbike and go nuts on a super-tramp trampoline, without any side effects.

Turns out that’s not the case.

It frickin kills. The pain feels like it is doing a hula around my pelvis bone and it feels so vulnerable. As I walk I am convinced if I spread my legs too wide a stress fracture will appear like an earthquake fault-line and I will just split in two like a poultry wishbone when it is pulled apart. Not a nice thought.

I have traced back where this pain may have originated and of course pregnancy and riding while pregnant hasn’t helped, but I think the last straw was my trampoline session earlier today. I was only on there for 5 minutes and did a few star jumps while raising my eyebrows to stop weeing, 30 minutes later and boom! I am walking like a geriatric tart. 

I feel like I need one of those braces that weight-lifters use just to hold it all in.

So, innuendos aside, I am going to avoid all activities that involve spreading my legs until the situation resolves itself. Walking is also a challenge as it is kind of necessary to spread your legs a little. At the moment I am getting by through an action that resembles a geisha in a very tight kimono or a swimmer who has forgotten to remove the pull buoy from between her legs after training. 

Of course hubby on the other hand had no such issues on the trampoline and was leaping about like Tigger on speed. The trials of womanhood continue…..

So I will have to keep my arms busy instead. Tomorrow is father’s day so I am baking my dad a scrummy loaf cake (once the oven has decided to cook it all the way through that is….bloody skewer keeps coming out ‘unclean’ and the darned thing has been in there nearly 2 hours!) Of course it is the oven’s fault.

It is called a caramel apple loaf cake and the recipe can be viewed at BBC Good Food online.

I am blogging every day for Unicef. If you can support he campaign, please visit my page on Unicef’s website.

Thanks for reading.


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