Oh help ….school quiz time!

In about an hour I am reluctantly making up the numbers for my daughter’s school fundraiser – quiz night. From listening to tales of past attendees (who have not returned in subsequent years), the quiz is not fun it is hard. Hearing this, the scene from Bridget Jones 2 springs to mind – the legal quiz. I am like her. I will not have a clue when it comes to meaningful knowledge (Biggest island in the world, highest waterfall etc, UN peace treaty signed etc) but random questions on something very niche (motorsport, equestrianism and anything I can remember from A Levels) I might stand a 50/50 chance of getting right.

The last quiz I attended a couple of years ago, I rang my dad in the interval to double check a horse-racing question. I didn’t see anything wrong in ‘phoning a friend’….Not sure I will be able to do this in front of my daughter’s teachers and the Headmaster.

(several hours later…)

I have just returned from said quiz night. We came third and, while I was largely in the the ‘I dunno’ category for most questions, I did know a couple of things. One of which was who wrote Lord of the Flies? For whatever reason, my answer didn’t get written down, probably because I didn’t inspire confidence in my initial answer, which was William Hill. I realised I had got the christian name right but then got confused with the high street bookmaker and then my brain stumbled upon the right answer, William Golding, but the person writing our team answers down came up with an alternative guess…doh! I knew there was a reason why I paid attention in my GCSE class!

There were times during the quiz when I felt too young to provide valid answers (pre Thatcher politics questions, anything relating to Radio Four, Punk music, plus anything else that pre-dated my both year over and above history facts I should have retained since GCSE and A Level.)

Oh well, I I have a year to brush up on Radio Four and pre 90’s pop music before the next quiz…..

I am blogging every night to raise money for Unicef. If you are able to support the campaign, please visit my page on Unicef’s site.

Thanks for reading.



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