Schwim swimming

Well this week has been shit. Holed up in the house with a poorly baby boy suffering from a tummy bug and nasty ear infection simultaneously – how is that fair? Plus of all the weeks to be away from the office, it couldn’t be worse. Me desperately trying to grab moments in front of the laptop to chip away at the tombstone of work tasks, my husband sporadically helping out with childcare when it fitted in with him. Why is it OK for him to focus solely on work, yet my default is work and childcare simultaneously? How is that fair? But don’t get me wrong baby boy has had most of my undivided attention and I have loved every minute of his extra requirement for cuddles. He likes cuddles anyway but when he is ill is is extra cuddly.

Tonight I made a bid for freedom of the house, work and tasks and had a blast just driving alone to my local leisure centre (when I am on my own I go slightly crazy behind the wheel – traction control comes on rather too much if you get my drift……oh and scuse the pun). I then enjoyed a session of swimfit, which is a great concept. Rather than endlessly ploughing up and down the lanes for what feels like eternity like you are an amphibious tractor or lawnmower, swimfit gives you some drills to do – anything from 10 lengths to 200 plus. I did around 60. The worst bit was kicking with a float – I seemed to be going nowhere fast. But even better is the amount of calories you burn per drill. According to my drill sheet (which is very usefully laminated and provided with a neat little waterproof stand so you can glance at it while you are in the water) I burned about 570 calories. 

But on my return home, rather than thinking ‘oh goodI have burned all those calories’, instead I am thinking, ‘oh good I wonder how many rich tea biscuits I can scoff’. I am a bit of a granny when it comes to treats, I like biscuits and tea-cakes and scones and cups of tea – its got worse since I have been the wrong side of 30. 

But back to swimfit, my 7 year old has done the shorter length drills and really enjoys doing them so highly recommend you give it a go next time you are at your local pool. 

This was the drill I did tonight:

Swim 20 lengths warm-up in your favourite stroke

(rest for 1 minute)

Swim 10 lengths in your second favourite stroke

Swim 4 lengths at  a fast pace in your favourite stroke

Kick 4 lengths holding a float

Swim 4 lengths with a pull buoy

Swim 4 lengths in your favourite stroke

1 minute rest

Then 4 lengths fast in your favourite stroke

Then swim 10 lengths in your second favourite stroke

Then swim 10 lengths in your favourite stroke as a swim down (cool off)


I am blogging every day to raise money for Unicef. If you can donate to the campaign, please visit my page on Unicef’s website.

Thanks for reading.


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