Remote working

My apologies for the lack of post last night. Baby boy has been struck down with yet another bug (caught upon his return to nursery after recovering from chicken pox). I then duly received the bug and felt generally rubbish and the accompanying headache pushed me into bed earlier than usual.

Having thought that baby boy was better today and that his appetite had picked up, I let my friend buy him a gingerbread man, which he absent-mindedly chewed for 30 minutes before projectile vomiting it around the kitchen. After the clean-up, I then phoned my boss to explain why I wouldn’t be in for the second day this week in a row. Aware of the to do list growing and my mailbox spouting unread mails like a weed, I logged on earlier and spent most of tonight until now working. Us working Mums are rather good at being Night owls – bed-time is the only me-time.

But thankfully (or not depending on how you look at the work/life balance), I can work from home thanks to remote access to work files and emails – Microsoft and the like haven’t invented a way of placating an ill toddler remotely though….

The invention of laptops also makes working on the move possible, including bowel movements (sorry but I like to multi-task).

I am blogging every day to raise money for Unicef. If you are able to support the campaign, please visit my page on Unicef’s website.

Thanks for reading.


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