Women in Motorsport

I can’t recall if I mentioned this in earlier posts, but I like motorsport. There are a good number of women competing in motorsport from bikes to F3 to rallying BUT there is still a long way to go in order to inspire the next generation who will, hopefully, take women in motorsport to the next level – success in Formula One is top of the list. Success at this level would trickle right the way through motorsport and permeate the national and international public consciousness that it is OK to be a) a woman and b) good at sports that blokes have dominated.

For a guy it is incredibly difficult to break into Formula One, let alone a woman. I studied the FIA Women in Motorsport Commission (which was only set-up in 2009 – can you believe it!) and it all feels a little bit ‘weak’. It is very easy to navigate off the women’s page and then two clicks and you are on a page showing a photo of a karting starting grid complete with beautiful women in hot-pants standing in heels down the centre of the grid. It would be great to see those women kick off those heels, get some Sparcos on and jump behind the wheel. Does the women in motorsport commission represent the careers of the degrading so called ‘pit-stop popsies’ too? If not, shouldn’t they be campaigning to end this very out-dated practice, or at least balance it out with a few hunky men to stand alongside the girls on the grid – the girls can look pretty and the guys can hold the position marker – I’m sure the likes of Jenson Button would love that.

It all feels a little bit ‘token female’ and if it has taken them until 2009 to realise they need representation then that just goes to show how much more work needs to be done. I keep banging on about it, but, it is time that our girls were inspired by a broader range of role models. Kim Kardashian, glamour models, supermodels, WAGS etc all have a place in society but this is not enough – women need to be kicking ass more and it feels like over the past decade we have taken our foot off the gas – where does that leave our girls – aspiring to be the next Barbie? But Barbie kicking butt on the racetrack or in the boardroom would be much, much better.

If you want to know more about FIA women in motorsport check out their site.

I am blogging every day for Unicef, if you would like to donate to the campaign, please visit my page on Unicef’s website.

Thanks for reading.


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