A woman can conquer anything in the right pair of shoes

Today we went sandal shopping for baby boy. We couldn’t poke up with the sweaty pongy feet any longer – the boy needs an alternative to trainers. So we trundled to our local shoe shop which is a pleasure to be in, like a sweet shop or a brothel the window displays look so good and once you are in it is costly to get back out again. Baby boy now has his first pair of Crocs. Initially he wasn’t sure when he first stood up in them flicking his feet like he had stepped in dog do-do but now he is happily plodding around in them. Apparently he has quite wide feet so Crocs suit him (although according to the shoe salesperson he is not to wear them every day all day – I think she was angling for us to buy another pair of shoes). I have seen children wearing them all day and even scale climbing frames and walls in them so assume he will survive. Hubby then decided to buy some Crocs for himself and then he and my daughter had fun customising both pairs with ‘gibbitz’ – some lego blocks, a tractor and ‘Mater’ from Cars. My daughter and I felt a bit left out but we were in our girly sandals – the previous day her Grandma had taken her to the exact same shop and bought her a pair of Lelli Kelly bumper boots AND silver jewel encrusted sandals – she gets more out of Grandma out of us. The Lelly Kellys also came with bracelets, lip gloss and a glow in the dark hair extension, in an attempt to justify the exorbitant price tag.

I got immense satisfaction watching other people buy shoes (I should be into shoe sales) as I am a shoe addict. If left to my own devices (i.e. no husband to ‘rein me in’), I would have umpteen pairs of shoes. I am not the type to spend £££ on designers such as Jimmy Choo, I just recognise a good looking shoe when I see one (providing it is under £50, I would struggle with my natural inclination to seek a bargain if I paid any more). 

So, this summer I am being very conservative. I own one pair of summer shoes – some girly Goldigga flip flops that cost £4. I wore them all day and my feet do smart a bit now, owing to zero padding, but they look good and that is the most important thing. Us women can tolerate all kinds of painful and achy sensations in our feet providing that they look good. I bought a pair of Nine West heels on eBay that are apparently a size 7 although they feel like I am wearing a size 3. They are rather high and so to date have only worn them around the kitchen BUT I feel fab. However, if I wore them for longer than 30 minutes my toes would scream to be released. On that note, I have earmarked them for my Dad’s wedding on the assumption that I will be sat down for most of the time. I have a pair of shoes that are similar, in that the heel height is so ridiculous that I either do damage to myself or someone else. They have been great wedding/ Hotel guest shoes (short trips between seating arrangements such as between hotel lifts, rooms and restaurants). To use an analogy they are the shoe version of drag cars – very short trips only. But, on those short trips, when you are feeling bold and brave you can stride out in them like a gazelle as they make your legs look very long indeed and enable you to tower above lots of men – just like this post’s title – a woman can conquer anything in the right pair of shoes. Just like my toddler will be able to conquer most thing in his new pair of Crocs.

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Thanks for reading.


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