Dog dilemma

I volunteered to look after my friend’s dog who lives across the street, while she was away for the weekend. Truth is I feel sorry for the dog, he comes way down the priority list in the family, which is to be expected given the commitments of a baby and working lives BUT a dog is still entitled to get a decent walk every day and to not be left for prolonged periods of time. My friend knows that really she needs to re-home it, particularly as she wants to have another baby when the dog will receive hardly any attention at all. The dog is a big strong male labrador with oodles of energy. He is not the kind of mutt that is happy moping around the house all day, confined to its bed most of the time because otherwise it causes a nuisance. This is another case of cute labrador puppy grows up into mad, energetic being that needs exercising. 

It was no skin off my nose to walk him whenever I walked my 2 dogs and then feed him. We did try to socialise him in our house with our 2 – but entire males and small bitches don’t combine well. So I kept him at his house and then made sure he had plenty of time enjoying the sunny bank holiday weather on walks. 

Today I made sure that he got a good walk at lunch-time as we were planning to go out in the afternoon. We left our dogs on their own for 3 and half hours tops and returned expecting to see my friend’s car back at their house after their weekend away – but no car. I got a text from her to say thank you for looking after the dog and I explained that he hadn’t had his supper yet as I wasn’t sure when her husband would get back (she was working a night shift so husband was due to return with kids on his own). Time ticked on and still no one tuned up so I sent a text asking if she wanted me to let her dog out as it had been a while. No response and then finally, a couple of hours later, he shows up. The dog had been on his own for over 7 hours. 

I don’t agree with that at all, so I am going to drop a few hints to see if she can speed up the re-homing process! Its tricky because she is my friend so don’t want to offend her but also don’t like to think of the bad quality of life her dog is experiencing.

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Thanks for reading.


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