If you are getting married – make sure you film it!

Why? Initially I would have said no, however, when digging out Steve McQueen’s ‘Bullitt’ for a movie night, we stumbled upon a video we hadn’t seen in a while – our wedding. Initially I cringed, and held my breath every time it was my turn to speak (like most people I hate the sound of my voice), for some reason I sound like an 8 year old. After a while though, we got caught up in the emotion of it. The cameraman (a friend of my Dad’s) was standing so that he caught my husband saying his vows to me so most of the time you just saw my back, but it was so lovely to see him say the vows. We even forgot the moment when our Vicar (who passed away a few years ago) asked the congregation to turn off mobile phones, not use flash photography etc and then, right on cue, a mobile phone starts ringing (the classic Nokia tune) and everyone swings round to locate the offending person who dared to keep their phone on during the service. It was actually my phone, which was in my bag that my Stepmum was keeping hold of for me so my poor Stepmum had to cope with everyone staring at her while she fumbled to turn it off. As I am hard of hearing, the ring tone was set to ‘outside’ level so the Nokia tune ricocheted around the walls of the church at full pelt. 

One thing that struck both of us watching it back, was how dark-haired we were (you don’t realise how grey you are until you look back 10 years). My husband was so dark he looked like a Just for Men advert. 

Some video was captured at the wedding reception too, with some footage of a relative who sadly died, aged 40, two years ago. It is strange to watch people on camera who have since passed away. Their mannerisms, chatter and body language all immortalised on film. It is also interesting to see how people have changed over the time. My husband’s Auntie now suffers from Alzheimers and has a stoop but she was so different when we got married. Yet my mother and my mother in law have hardly changed – this is the same for my dad and stepmum. However my dad was a slightly different colour following his barber’s insistence that he try a special Italian aftershave for the wedding day – at one point my Dad matched the colour of my bridesmaid’s dresses (a cerise pink).

It is also lovely to show the event to your children, pictures give you a glimpse of the day but film immerses you into the unique atmosphere that, if not captured, is confined to the memories of those who were present (and even they don’t remember everything – particularly those special moments that are difficult to describe).

So take a camera with you on your day and ask a couple of people if they wouldn’t mind filming the key moments (and anything else they fancy) You won’t regret it.

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Thanks for reading.


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