Tonight I experienced Tai Chi. I am somewhat spoiled as I live within walking distance of a village hall that offers everything from powerhoop to toddler groups; Tai chi to food festivals. There isn’t much that can’t be solved by our village hall. In fact, the village hall would provide excellent content for a docu-soap. Maybe I should get permission from the parish council to stick a couple of cameras in the hall for a year and document all the comings and goings. From women in their forties and fifties trying to master powerhoop to tantrums and drama queens during rehearsals for the amateur dramatic society’s next production. Parish council meetings are mostly dull and boring but there are the odd occasions when the proverbial hits the fan – the last occurrence resulted in a councillor storming out. Children’s parties with Mums nattering and bitching in the kitchen and the odd celebrity randomly turning up to the mother & toddler group. Its all there it just needs someone who is rather good at editing to sort through all the footage after 12 months.

As I left I felt I was walking taller, like someone had stretched me on a rack. I also felt like I wanted to go straight to bed as I felt so relaxed. The feeling reminded me of a Thai massage I had while on honeymoon when a small Thai woman just threw me around for 45 minutes and made my skeleton stretch and creek like a loose window shutter on a windy day. 

So hopefully I will return next week if I can escape from the kid’s bedtime routine in time. The trick is getting to bed in the same relaxed state that I left the village hall in. Typing blogs is not good for posture.

I am blogging every day to raise money for Unicef. To support the campaign, please visit my page on Unicef’s website.

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