An unexpected visitor

Today baby boy and I toddle into our local toddler group. The last time I visited this group was when my daughter was small and at the time it was operating under a dictatorship in the form of a pushy middle-class mum who thought the group was a weekly get together for her cronies rather than a service to the local community. If you dared to walk in with a ‘freak’ variable (single parent; young mum; outfit from Asda) she would look you up and down and turn her back and maybe add the odd derogatory comment behind your back. In other words she was a bitch.

Now, thankfully, there is a lovely down-to-earth normal Mum who runs it and she goes out of her way to talk to everyone and introduce mothers to other mothers so that everyone feels included. 

It was quite surprising when a celebrity walked into the toddler group along with her child’s nanny. I had just popped to the loo and was about to push the double doors open back in to the hall on my return when I noticed an unusually tall figure in front of the doors. She was very close to the doors so I asked if I could squeeze by and as she turned I instantly recognised her. She must get used to that expression all the time, a glance that turns into ‘OMG you are xxxx’. Later, my baby son was crawling near her and she held a play tube steady so that he could crawl through it. I said thank you and acted as if she was any other Mum rather than a celeb as I tried to imagine if the boot was on the other foot and I was a celeb. I would probably prefer people to treat me normally (unless I was a complete primadonna). Her little boy had the most amazing hair and I mentioned it in passing to her and she replied and said she couldn’t think where the gene had come from as both her and her husband had straight hair. I remembered reading about her, when her son had just been born, in Hello Magazine and the pictures of her husband. But talking to her it was as if she was a Mum like any one of us. The only give away was that she had a nanny with her (a rather grumpy looking one at that). This gave her the luxury of checking her mobile phone without having to keep one eye on the look-out for what her son was up to. I have friends who are nannies for well-off families. Indeed my sister-in-law has a nanny in tow to help with her older daughter. It must feel strange to have this person trailing you round the house and on trips out looking after your children etc but maybe if you are used to it then it doesn’t feel strange. The only time it looks out of place is when you mix with other mums who are looking after one or multiple children single-handedly. Even if I had all the money in the world I would not have a nanny in tow when I am enjoying time with my children. Sure it is nice to have someone to look after them when you need to do something that isn’t child friendly but for the rest of the time I am quite content for it to be just us. 

Needless to say she didn’t stay long. She had a chat with one or two of us, then before we knew it, the nanny put the jacket on the boy and off they went. I hope she comes again though because, as luxurious as it is to have an exclusive lifestyle, it is great for kids to just mix and play with other kids and for Mums to have coffee and natter – regardless of who they are in society.

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Thanks for reading.


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