My fantasy

Like most people I like to fantasise about an alternative lifestyle. Not that it is necessarily better than the one I am living at the moment, its just that in daydream land there are no budgets to be confined to and everything goes your way.

There is a shop in my local town that is, I believe, destined to be the most beautiful bridal shop a bride to be could imagine. It is a Georgian building with two large floor to ceiling bay windows perfect for displaying stunning gowns. Nestled between the windows is a stunning entrance way with a handle that swoops in an elegant curve. Large stone steps lead to the doorway and inside there are beams aplenty with ample room for viewing gowns, trying them on and parading them around in front of admiring relatives and friends. So perfect is this shop, that you could easily imagine Mattel making a Barbie version of it without having to change a thing but the scale. 

There is even parking directly outside, a photographer next door and a very upmarket cafe opposite – perfect for mothers, daughters and best friends to have a cuppa and a slice of cake to help them select the best dresses. 

As you entered the shop I would have classical music playing, lighting that compliments skin tone and hides cellulite, mirrors that show the best angle, a beautiful boudoir style interior with chandeliers, beautiful curtains and stunning display cabinets full of tiaras, jewellery and shoes. Brides would be appointment only and would have my 100% attention – for 2 hours or more and then I would offer champagne on confirming their order.

However, I am rubbish with needles and needlework so I would have to learn to do the pinwork and I probably would not have the budget to rent the shop let alone fit it out and purchase the gowns. In short, I would have to, at some point, earn enough money to at least cover costs and hopefully start to earn a profit otherwise what would be the point? 

I know a couple of dressmakers so would employ their services to make my own range of dresses to have the edge over other shops.

Its a pipe dream but I know, if someone had the capital and the balls to do it, that shop would do well. I will continue to dream on….

I am blogging every day to raise money for Unicef. To help support the campaign, please visit my page on Unicef’s website.

Thanks for reading.


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