Eeek unauthorised absence laws threaten holiday plans

Just read the newsletter from our school warning parents not to book holidays outside of school holidays due to changes in Government legislation that will come into effect from September. While I agree with the Government standpoint on this, my dad has just booked us a holiday of a lifetime next year when we will be visiting places such as Mexico and Jamaica. It is expensive, but much less so if you book in term-time.So that is what we have done, oblivious to the change in rules.

I have just sent a panicked email to the Headmaster asking if he can grant us authorised absence so the law won’t affect us on this occasion. Fingers crossed as my father has already shelled out. I have no idea how much the fine will be to the council if the Headmaster doesn’t play ball, but hopefully it will be less than the holiday deposit.

For many people, a holiday abroad is beyond their reach and only remotely financially achievable outside of school holidays when the rates fall from hotel rooms to flights. Typically, it is those that CAN afford a break in the school holidays that penny pinch further by holidaying in term-time. As my granny once said, “Those who have the most are less likely to give it away easily.” My husband has found the same in his job. It is the clients that aren’t as well off that tip the best.

At the moment though, we have a very authorised absence in the shape of a pox ridden child. Thankfully she is now pinging off the walls and raring to get back to school. This will help the school’s newly weekly statistics on school attendance as to date her school year has been averaging the worst attendance record this term.

Perhaps the best moment of the end of year assembly last summer was the moment when the Headmaster gave out the award for the pupil with the best school attendance all year – you can guess the rest

Head: “and the award goes to Daniel, well done….Daniel?…….Is he here?


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