Attack of the chicken pox

After we checked out of the hotel and recovered from the bill (its always more than your rough estimate isn’t it?) we decided to return home via Cardiff. It is one of the cities I had always wanted to visit but it was a shame we only had 2 hours tops. If we had more time, we would have taken a tour on the open-top bus as the weather was glorious and look around the castle. But, for some reason, we wanted to window shop and so mooched around St David’s shopping centre looking in some the high street stores. On reflection it was a bit of a waste as we could have done that in any city, but we were trying to make the most of the time without kids – kids hate shopping and nag until you wave the white flag and go find a playground (or buy them something to keep them entertained). So we agreed to return with kids in tow during the summer maybe and check the castle out and Cardiff Bay.

Once we returned home, we were greeted by a very happy baby boy and a very spotty daughter. At first glance the spots looked as if there were a few itchy areas but, on closer inspection they were everywhere. “It’s chicken pox” said my husband. Okay it didn’t take a med student to work that one out. I was puzzled though as she had it when she was four, albeit mildly. This time the blister like spots were everywhere – all over her face, chest, arms. The following day, when she started to feel even more poorly, they were all over her scalp, under her hair, round her ears, round her eyes, in all her intimate areas – you name it. 

Today she was complaining her throat was sore and when she opened her mouth, I noticed a couple on the inside of her lips and at the back of her mouth. It is a nasty, nasty virus and has left my daughter like an empty shell of herself with all energy consumed in battling it out with the pox cells. 

It has left me with very mixed feelings over my son contracting it too. On the one hand I want him to get it so that he doesn’t have to tolerate it when he is older (many people say the older you are the worse the symptoms). However, a couple of my friends have said that the siblings who were the last to receive the virus as it tore through the family got it the worst. Great!

I am blogging every day to raise money for Unicef. To find out more, please visit my page on Unicef’s website.

Thanks for reading.


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