Everyone deserves a break

So we escaped the threat of unwittingly taking part in a live military exercise and arrived at our hotel. At first we thought it looked like the apartments you find at Butlins – mock cris cross beams in a kind of arts and crafts style (I think architecture is not my strong point). But, as we parked the car and walked to the main house, it conjured up more of a 1930’s feel with a glazed sun-deck frontage, dark wood furnishings and chandeliers. The gardens fell away in plateaued steps from the hotel steps, ending in the a babbling welsh brook leading to a lake. In the distance the Beacons (and a lot of sheep). We had the fortune to observe this landscape from our twin aspect sash windowed bedroom. The bed was something out of feather and black – opulent and way too big for the average bedroom.

We woke every morning enjoying the view out of the window and commenting on the latest movements of sheep in the third field. We started the day in the spa by the lake, with a full body massage and hot stone treatment (bliss) followed by a spell in the outdoor hot tub located in the balcony overlooking a babbling brook while Buzzards flew on the thermals above. Later I had a sunny ride across the Beacons followed by afternoon tea served in a contemporary style on a piece of welsh slate! Quick afternoon nap preceded dressing for a four course a la carte dinner. As I read the menu the lady who reads out the Masterchef contestant menus was listing the choices for me and I’m sure it tasted as good.

But aside from all this luxury, just having the opportunity to wake up in my own time rather than at the beck and call of children, having the time to read the paper, pop into a service station without rigging up the buggy, change bag and negotiating car seats each time is a refreshing break.

Life is good yet it was nice to taste luxurious living too. I think people struggling with a cancer battle or another long-term illness whether psychological or physical should be given a dose of luxury as part of their rehabilitation as pampering is good for the soul.

I am blogging every day to raise money for Unicef. If you are able to contribute to the campaign, please visit my page on the Unicef website.

Thanks for reading.


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