Big issues

Since yesterday’s post, I am delighted to report that I have enjoyed 11 hours sleep and woke up with a rare spring in my step this morning. Baby boy miraculously slept through the night and I felt as fresh as a daisy and in a much better frame of mind. 

My Mum and I enjoyed a rare day together, just the two of us, on a spa day at our local hotel. We had the place to ourselves and it was bliss. In-between relaxing on a sun longer and having the odd dip in the pool, we enjoyed a pedicure and mini facial. While Mum was having her treatments, I enjoyed a chance to read ‘Me before you’ a book written by Jojo Moyes kindly lent to be by my friend at work. I am hooked on it and enjoyed some uninterrupted time to read it as the only chance I usually get is just before I nod off late at night in bed and often only manage 2 pages.

Most of the day we did what most mothers and daughters do – gossip. It was a good respite from the demands of being a busy Mum and, in my Mum’s case, a doting wife (my stepdad is rather challenging!). It always amazes me how we are still learning new things about each other. My Mum doesn’t repeat herself all the time – she does have recollections that I haven’t heard of before. I too fill the gaps in my life that my Mum hasn’t always been party to (but not ALL the gaps, she can’t know everything). We could have continued right through the night and through to the next day. Over the past couple of years we have experienced a rocky patch in our relationship, one that has made her feel a little alienated and I feel sorry that she has had to endure heart-ache. But thankfully we have come out the other side. No-one should fall out with their Mum unless they have a very, very good reason. Although I struggle to find anything short of a situation when the Mum is a complete monster.

When the day drew to a close and we were waiting for a taxi home, we were sheltering from the rain on the doorstep of a shop and the local Big Issue woman said Hi as she walked home. I have mixed feelings about this woman as I like to help Big Issue sellers but the other day she asked if I could give her some of my children’s old clothes for her children. I asked how old her children were and she said she had a baby. Now this woman has got to be at least 60. So I felt that she was lying to me. Now, I could give her the baby clothes and no doubt she will sell them to make money – is that bad that she lied? I don’t know, it just doesn’t sit well with me. So when she complained of not selling so many magazines today, I didn’t take up the opportunity to buy one. I have helped her in the past by giving her a cushion to sit on as she was sitting on a milk crate and my step mum had bought her gloves during the winter. My step mum said once she saw some men from the Big Issue arrive in a very smart car all suited and booted and that she believed they took the lion’s share of the profit and that I would be better off giving her money rather than buying the magazine. So ever since I have been giving her money when I can. The last time I did I asked her for a second time how old her children were and she pointed at my baby son and said “like your boy”. So then asked for clothes. I don’t know why it is important to trust the person you are giving money too but for some reason it is important to me….

I am blogging every day to raise money for Unicef. If you can help, please visit my page on Unicef’s website.

Thanks for reading.


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