Ramping up for the swimathon

Just returned from having swam 60 lengths in prep for the swimathon on Sunday for Marie curie Cancer Care. I have been enjoying doing the Swimfit programme, which breaks up the distances into manageable chunks of 4 – 20 lengths. Drills include pool buoy and float work focusing on stamina and strength. I went this evening with a friend who used to swim in galas as a youngster however I only started swimming seriously in the past four years.

It doesn’t matter how long you have been away from swimming, if you have a good technique that never leaves you. When my friend did her front crawl sprint, I couldn’t keep up with her, despite the fact that the last time she seriously swam was in the 90’s. I am more of a plodder, endlessly ploughing up and down the lanes counting as I go. I have had lots of support from friends and family so hopefully our team will raise a significant amount for the cancer charity. For more information on Marie Curie visit their website.

On the subject of charities, I get requests for money on my doormat every week. The latest was from the BUAV, an anti-vivisection campaign, which had listed all remarks made by people in the animal testing department at Imperial College London – it makes for very unpleasant reading. lets just say animal welfare is not high on the agenda at Imperial college London – they just sound like a bunch of freaks that get off on torture – nice to know the next generation of scientists are level-headed caring human beings? The place should be closed down.

I am blogging every day to raise money for Unicef – please visit my page on their site for more info.

Thanks for reading.


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