Tummy school

I have been power hooping now for over a year and my midriff is unrecognisable. Even when I was 18 I didn’t have such a toned tummy. I thought that maybe this new core strength would help with my riding (horses). No, after only two schooling sessions on horses that need a bit of work my tummy aches as if no muscles existed at all. Yesterday I schooled my friend’s horse for about 30 minutes and today I had a jumping lesson with my friend. The horse was a good jumper but needed a lot of leg. So I needed a lot of support from my tummy to work the horse with my seat as well as my leg to collect the canter in-between jumps. I felt like a complete novice.

So later this eve I went to zumba followed by powerhoop and winced every time the hoop pounded my waist purely because schooling horses had succeeded in identifying muscles I haven’t used in a while.

People talk of being ‘riding fit’ and it is very true. It is astonishing how strong riders have to be for all equestrian disciplines from show-jumping to dressage. The professional riders make it look so easy and the paralympic riders are amazing. 

I will continue to powerhoop and zumba but won’t consider myself fit until schooling horses becomes a breeze…..mm wonder when that will be?

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