Gone baby gone

I have been doing a lot of riding recently, horses that is not bikes. That is why I regret not having the chance to ride my good old faithful little Honda for one last time before it was sold this evening.

One minute it was on eBay to make a bit of extra cash and the next minute a guy pitches up on our doorstep having hitch-hiked over 40 miles from a train station in order to ride my beloved Honda home there and then. My husband hadn’t even had time to charge the battery and no sooner had the Paypal email come through with ‘you have funds’, then he was off on his merry way back to his home town……..on my Honda.

What a journey that bike has had. It started life enduring the hard-knocks of a riding school and had the scars to show it. Then it came along to me and got me through my test, then it failed an MOT on a pretty vital bit of fractured metal holding the engine to the chassis (earlier posts show how thrilled we were with the riding school on that one). Then just when we thought there was no alternative but to scrap it, along comes a champion welder to put a seriously good MOT proof band-aid on it. Its now as safe as houses and as good as new thanks to some TLC from us. Mission accomplished for me, having passed my test I can’t ride it except for once in a blue moon (owing to children)  so it is now going to be a commuter bike for a bike mechanic who will continue to look after it.

I won’t stray from biking though just cause I haven’t got a ride now. As soon as my baby boy is at school I will jump back on two wheels for the commute – and I will definitely be riding a Honda.

Bikes are a pretty useful mode of transport check out the Riders for Health website to see how they are helping healthcare in Africa.

I am blogging every day to raise money for Unicef. See my page on Unicef’s site.

Thanks for reading.


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