Thatcher and the work/ life balance

It is late as my husband and I have been discussing whether I should continue my job application for an exciting full-time role that will require a 2 hour each way commute. A few sums over transport and childcare costs later and the conclusion was to undoubtedly decline, despite a very tempting salary. It wasn’t just any old 9 to 5 job either, it was a role that would have helped make a difference to society. To have a tick in the boxes of job satisfaction and good salary is rare, which made the decision all the more difficult.

Despite this though I am glad and pleased that my  husband wants to be the breadwinner and is committed to doing so. As I would still rather be at home with my children. I do have a part-time role at the moment that brings in ‘pocket-money’. I sometimes feel guilty though when my husband returns from a physically exhausting day at work just to pay the bills. I feel I should be pulling my weight even more. Aside from my professional career I have often toyed with the idea of abandoning my current career to embrace the rewarding challenge of fostering. When I made my decision of the career path I would like to pursue, I was 16 – what was important to me back then is not at all important now that I am in my thirties, yet I am stuck with the career choice with the maturity of a teen.

Maggie Thatcher sacrificed her work/ life balance for her career ambitions and her hubby sacrificed his ambitions for hers. If the film is anything to go by, theirs was a unique and immensely strong bond of respect for each other – they were a unit. While I don’t aspire to be anything like MT (I am far too left for that), I do aim to have the long term strength of relationship that she had with Denis.

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Thanks for reading.


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