MotoGP Miracles

Just finished watching the MotoGP round in Qatar. I was more excited at the veteran Rossi coming in second than I was for the 20 year old winning rookie. The battle for second place was phenomenal watching the riders challenging the physics of their bikes for the fight to be top dog. It makes Formula One look like a school sports day. 

I am full of admiration for riders who are comfortable brushing their knees and elbows against asphalt at top speed in order to get the fastest racing line around a corner. It is a miracle that they keep the bike on the track and many don’t. Going back to my post about Maria Costello, she had broken 20 bones in her body during her earlier racing career. She even managed to get the record at the TT while nursing  broken collarbone (although I don’t believe it can have been that badly broken as I couldn’t even lift my arm from my side when mine snapped).

To put yourself in a situation that increases the chances of harm or death is mad, yet for many it feels so good being on the limit they keep going back for more. I think it is great that the BBC are covering MotoGP on a regular basis now – finally we might get to see some decent motoring action and high octane overtaking maneuvers – bring it on the beeb. Looking forward to Texas in 2 weeks time.

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