Sunshine on a biking day

Today the sun was shining. On days like this I am torn as I want to do everything: enjoy spending time with my family, ride a horse and ride a motorbike. There is never enough time in the day to attempt all three. However we did do a spot of motorbike window-shopping, keeping the kids entertained with the mini bikes while we cast an eye over the grown-up wheels at our local Honda dealership. Browsing turned into wheeling a few bikes out and trying them for size – the new cbf/ cbr/ ns700. It pretty soon became a quiz on which one of the three would I find: a) too heavy or b) too  tall. It is then that I really felt the weakness of my womanly sex. I was however pleasantly surprised as all of them were easy to sit on – some slightly taller than others but ridable. 

This indicates that manufacturers are switching on to the increasing appeal of motorbiking amongst us ladies. I read my husband’s Ride Magazine and was delighted to read an article on Maria Costello – TT racer and world record holder (as well as being awarded an MBE for her contribution to motorsport). What an inspiring sports pro. It can’t be easy in a male dominated environment and I find her a true inspiration. Makes us biking novices feel a little less like a minority in a bike shop – if Maria can do the TT then I sure as hell can pull off a decent and enjoyable ride on any range of bikes on UK roads. I think it will take me a while to get up to 114 mph (Maria’s fastest lap at the TT)  but at least I have the opportunity and confidence to enjoy the thrill and pleasure of bikes.

If you want to find out more about Maria check out her website Maria Costello Motorsport.

Back to the subject of yesterday’s post, I am delighted that there were no fatalities in today’s National and that a rank outsider won with a 23 year old first-timer on board – that’s the magic of the National and glad that the positive side of the race returned. Let’s hope it stays that way.

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Thanks for reading.


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