Shopping ethically and ecologically

So a few posts ago I mentioned that I was approaching Tescos about their bizarre policy not to sell biodegradable nappies despite actively encouraging shoppers to re-use shopping bags to be ‘greener’. This is clearly lip service to preventing waste as nappies are even worse than plastic shopping bags for clogging up landfill sites and taking decades to rot. It looks like Tescos are more motivated to cut cost in producing shopping bags and instead make money selling the reusable ones. To be fair to the customer service team, they have taken my comments on board and, although acknowledging they no longer stock Naty nappies, have passed on my feedback on biodegradables to their ‘buying’ team. Lets hope they realise the mixed messages they are sending through their stocking decisions.

On the subject of Tescos, my husband was moaning profusely about the amount I was spending on food shopping. So, I decided to hand the reins to him and see if he could do better. He rather smugly turned round to me after submitting an online order with “There I got everything for under £80”. His version of everything is enough to keep his packed lunch going for a week with a few scraps for the kids and I and nothing for the dogs. Not to mention guzzling horse and tasteless battery chickens. So, I logged in and quickly amended the order and managed to save us a few pounds – however because I now refuse to buy meat from Tescos I am not really saving money. But, despite the recession, I would rather spend a few pounds more and know that my beef is beef and the chicken at least had some quality of life prior to decapitation. I also like to support our local butchers and farmers.

I think times are a changing and the days of globalisation of supermarkets are over. Judging by the success of our little village shop, the era of ‘open all hours’ is returning. I’m sure there will be lots of little Arkwright’s popping around the country with customers returning to buying local, in the confidence that they know what they are eating. With the rising cost of transportation and fuel, it makes sense for food to not travel as far to market.

I am blogging every day to raise money for Unicef to help their campaign to protect vulnerable children world-wide. If you are able to support my bid to raise £1 a day through this blog for the charity, please visit my page on the Unicef website.

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