Forgotten Summer

Enough already! Shit weather gives way to more shit weather. Often when it rains the temperature rises a little bit but no. This has been the coldest winter since ’63 apparently and don’t we know it – freezing rain is so pleasant to walk through. 

Who came up with the bollocks about cold weather killing bugs and illness. My family are just one big illness at the moment, with temperatures, sick bugs chest infections, you name it. My baby boy is the longest suffering going from one illness to another and I have barely been at work as a result.

My husband sounds like the Godfather because his cough is so bad that he can’t talk any more. Plus he is as tense as a runner on the start-line of a big race because his work is one bloody dilemma after another.

In my last post I talked of admiring the British character that identifies the plus side of shitty situations – well I have a major sense of humour failure at the moment. 

The only saving grace is that we are not fleeing Syria right now – our problems are nothing compared to the innocents trapped in a war torn country. So, that is why I am blogging every day, to have a rant about anything and hopefully raise some money for Unicef to protect vulnerable children world-wide. I aim to raise £1 a day.

For any missed days I donate £1 in fees per day – so another £1 goes in the pot for yesterday as I was feeling like shit and turned in early.

To help put the Unicef campaign, please visit my page on the Unicef site.

Thanks for reading.


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