A whole new meaning to mobile phone

Mobiles are both a good and a bloody awful invention. They are good because you can call people in remote areas regardless of where you are – that’s also why they are bloody awful. Thankfully there are still a number of patches in the UK where there is no reception so you can have a break from being on the other end of a phone at all times.

My biggest resentment is that I have to ensure it is on my person at all times. I wish I had a magnetic force that enabled the phone to stay with me though because, reluctantly, I have to admit most of the time I need the blooming thing. Other people, family and friends require me to have it. So, when it goes missing, which so often happens with me, I despair.

This time it was my work phone that decided to do a disappearing act. Since losing my Blackberry off the roof of  my car, I have tried several different models, all of which are shit at texting. My husband has let me have his Motorola which is much easier. It is a black brick and closely matches the look of my work phone – another black brick. It is funny that phone design has returned to the eighties. I have gone from barely noticing my phone and hunting for it in my bag to lugging the two giants around and searching pockets big enough to accommodate them.

But the bloody thing still managed to slip from my bag as I ran to powerhoop. Then a relay race ensued from the paper boy who picked it up to the man from the house nearby to the father of the man who lived nearby who then spoke to me when I rang it in desperation.

What really gets me is that everyone else seems to be able to keep hold of their phones. Yet I seem to be on a mission to dispose of them. My phones have been annihilated on roads, thrown from a galloping horse, left in the garden to rot, chucked in bins and, more recently, dropped down the loo AFTER I had just weed.

I am blogging every day to help raise money for Unicef to protect vulnerable children worldwide. If you are able to help, please visit my page on the unicef website – I am aiming to get £1 per blog.

Thanks for reading.


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