Rabbits and potholes

Ok while I type toasty in front of the fire, my husband is on his hands and knees in the dirt deep in the countryside down a long dark wooded road trying to remove a buggered wheel from my car.

En route to collecting my daughter from a visit to see the Lion Kind production in London, I unsuccessfully tried to avoid a kamikaze rabbit along a country road. I must have been the first car for 15 minutes to come down that windy dark road but that was the moment bunnykins decided to cross and, despite a last minute swerve, I hit him square on the head. 

So after collecting my daughter I decided to take a different route back home because I was bored of going down the same old road and I didn’t want to see how badly I had spread bunny’s brains across the tarmac (complete cowardice I know).

There are 2 other options for the return journey and I chose the earlier turning, which I now regret as a few hundred yards down the road my car seemed to disappear down a mystical dip that contained an evil pothole. I have been down potholes before like many other UK motorists because the councils are too tight to repair the roads and I have been lucky. This time I had a blow-out.

I limped up the road until I could find a dry place to park up without getting stuck in the mud and then prayed I had enough mobile reception to call my husband. My daughter and I then  sat in the middle of the moonlit woods and waited…..after about 5 mins I pressed the multi-lock button. I got the spooks. 

When my husband turned up with baby boy on his lap (as we only have one car seat and it was in my car) he examined the tyre with his torch and found 4 gauges in the tyre wall. So I well and truly f***** it up.

It was the same tyre that had squashed bunny’s head earlier that evening so maybe it was rabbit’s revenge…..

When I am not doing the ‘elk test’ in my car and finding holes in the road, I blog for Unicef to raise fund for their work protecting vulnerable children world-wide. My goal is to raise £1 a day. If you are up for helping out, please visit my page on the Unicef website.

Thanks for reading.


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