hebdomadis horribulus

Hebdomadis is, I believe, Latin for seven days. Need I say more for horribulus. But to put it less regally, it has been a shitty week. It started with a few hours in a and e with my husband’s employee re-enacting a scene from the Texas Chainsaw massacre on his arm. Then some evil demon virus decided to inhabit my stomach and have a two-night party in it, which involved a complete evacuation of all contents and some of the lining (once again apologies for graphic details). 

After 2 days in bed I attempt to return to work but discover that I left my frazzled brain in bed. I was completely out of control and my mouth was saying things that my head was not party to. I was charged with returning an item of clothing to my big boss CEO (don’t ask why….but it’s not what it sounds like). I saw him carrying a similiar less masculine item of clothing as an alternative. It looked to me like he had grabbed it and thought “Oh well since I can’t find mine I’ll borrow this woman’s version”. But instead of just thinking this and handing it back to him with “You left this in our office, here you go”, I said, “Oh you don’t want to wear that it looks a bit lady..” I just stopped myself from saying ladylike in time but was it in time? He said “Yes my brother in law bought this for me from Scotland, its not exactly to my taste though”. Sensing I might have accidentally offended him, I quickly back-tracked, “well this will be far warmer”. Whoops, wave goodbye to a promotion – how not to endear the big boss.

On the radio this morning they were campaigning for Comic Relief and I was only too glad to send my text donation in support. There is never enough that can be done to help people in need in this country and abroad. In fact not enough is done – we are all busy looking after me, myself and I. So Comic relief offers some respite and a chance to ease our conscience – it also gets kids engaged in helping causes and making it fun in the process – genius! 

So the Cheltenham Festival is underway, one horse has died and a couple of jockeys are severely injured. One is in an induced coma because of a severe spinal injury. I love the equestrian industry and sport but dare I ask, in the case of horse-racing, is it really worth it? 

I am blogging every day to help Unicef protect vulnerable children worldwide. I f you can help my attempt to raise £1 a day through this blog, please visit my page on the Unicef website.

Thanks for reading.


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