Mothers day rocks

OK it didn’t start well. I was feeling hormonal and achy (like it was time of the month although technically I shouldn’t be experiencing this post coil). It was so bad I wanted to sit down and take strong painkillers. So I didn’t much relish the chance to spread my legs and ride a horse and, rather reluctantly, got in the car to the stables with my daughter. However  once there the whiff of horse in the air soon made me forget my pains (plus I think the anadin finally kicked in). We then had a thoroughly girly morning grooming my friend’s horse and giving him an all-round pamper and then tacking up for a ride in the school.

My daughter rode first and, despite the fact that her legs barely touched his sides and he  put in a small leap every time she asked him to go into trot, (he is an ex-racehorse after all) she did very well. I then took over and felt the riding cobwebs blow away as he went through the paces, finishing off with a little jump over a tiny cross pole at the end, which made him career off in an excited canter afterwards. 

Once he was turned out, we swept the yard, cleaned the tack, had a chat with the old Lieutenant Commander who owns the stables, guzzled a few chocolate mini easter eggs and then had a browse around the local tack shop. My daughter had fun picking out the headcollar and rugs she would buy for her fantasy pony (featuring lots of pink, purple and spots). 

As the winter chill set in on our return home we relaxed under a blanket in front of the fire in the afternoon doing arty crafty sewing while my husband played a racing game on the playstation and rounded off the day with a yummy roast dinner in our local pub – bliss.

I hope Mums around the world had a fabulous day also as we are all members of a very fortunate club – motherhood.

I am blogging every day to help Unicef protect vulnerable children world-wide. I aim to raise £1 a day through this blog. If you are able to help the campaign please visit my page on the Unicef website.

Thanks for reading.

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