International Women’s Day

So today is International Women’s Day – don’t know what the f**** that means but any day that celebrates womanhood must be a good thing for the boobed population.

Women can be their own worst enemy. They can back-stab fellow females, break up homes by stealing husbands and boyfriends, continue the disproportionate representation of men in the workplace and government by continuing social stereotypes at home among their children (boys toys/ girls toys). They criticise the looks and dress of other women regardless of the females’ other qualities, “I don’t give a shit what Hillary Clinton said but just look at her dress…so last season”. Young girls witness their Mums wishing for a body transplant and counting calories. They also see how much women spend on hair and make-up, razors, waxing treatments and everything else on the ‘beauty routine’ list. Barbie and the Disney Princess crew help young girl’s understand what figure they should aim for when they are older and what they should be aspiring to: good dress sense; pert boobs, smiley face and the successful pursuit of prince charming.

In my daughter’s class there are 11 girls and 20 boys. Every year they have a vote among their classmates for who should become their pupil rep on the school council. For the past 2 years it has been 2 boys. “Why’s that?” I ask, “Because the girls always vote for the boys and the boys don’t vote for the girls, because they don’t like the girls, so they can’t decide between one boy and another so both of boys with the most votes end up on student council”. Nice to know that the future generation are continuing the trend of decades. The only exception being Margaret Thatcher who, despite some unpopular policies, fended off the hostile testosterone environment to defend her beliefs. Why can’t America do it (that is let a woman run the show for a bit and see what happens?) Let’s hope in 10 years time, when my daughter is 17, there will have been another women prime minister and the first female president.

I am blogging every day to help Unicef combat child poverty and vulnerability world-wide. I aim to raise £1 a day through this blog. If you are able to help donate to this campaign, please visit my page on the Unicef website.

Thanks for reading.


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