A CEO who doesn’t know how to deal with women

I am starting to hear things through the grapevine, that, like most people in medium to large organisations, you decide to pay attention to or not. Company politics can get you down so the vast majority of the time it is best to keep your head down and ignore it. But when it gives an insight into your future at the company, sometimes it is worth listening to.

I work at an organisation that is essentially a business but not publicly promoted as a business. The senior management are first and foremost academics who have found themselves in positions of leadership at the helm of a business that is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. 

Today I bumped into a colleague of mine who has worked at the organisation for over 18 years. She shared her concerns with me over a colleague in my department who is working 12 hour days and weekends because of poor staffing levels. Yes she is being paid but not at a rate that equates to the anti-social hours she is having to sacrifice. She mentioned that in the 18 years they have been at the organisation they have only once received a pay-rise and they don’t get benefits that others in the organisation do. There is a division between the staff and support staff community – staff get benefits and support staff don’t. My colleague said that experience has shown the CEO doesn’t recognise support staff and, even worse, he doesn’t know how to ‘deal’ with women. Hence why he is surrounded in the senior management team by men, many ex-military.

So I am working under a glass ceiling, which, for the moment I am not concerned about as it suits me for the time-being. But I’m damned if I am gonna be the one that turns round in 18 years thinking “if only I’d been a member of staff…..and a male”. That attitude stinks – it shouldn’t exist in 2013.

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Thanks for reading.


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