Plate spinning and pot hole dodging

Thank god my brain is working (just) and that I am not suffering from early dementia. I returned to work today after 2 weeks away from the office and I was spending so much time adding work to my to do list that I barely had any time to actually do the work. I enjoy it all the time I can keep the plates spinning but it doesn’t take much to lose momentum or lose the plot on what is important. 

It left me thinking how do people in Government do it – Where do you start as Minister of Health – its like someone handing a crocodile bag to a vet and saying “sort that lot out”. Yes they have hundreds of civil servant minions to do the work for them but it still takes a bit of effort to turn advice and research into policy.

The Minister for Roads and Transport, or whatever his or her official title is, has a difficult task too. Top of the blooming list should be filling in the pot-holes. There are parts of my journey to work that are so bad people are swerving into oncoming traffic just to avoid crashing into the holes. I don’t know how I managed to achieve it but on my way home this evening I managed to drive smack bang into the middle of one in a deliberate attempt to avoid it. It’s almost like Father Dougal from the TV series Father Ted and his obsession with pushing big red buttons – his brain says no but “I just can’t stop myself Ted”. I was thinking “avoid the blooming pothole, avoid the blooming pothole” and then smack! down we went. 

If you are a bike – push or motor – god help you. You are meant to have longer vision than a car driver so that you can almost predict what is happening further up the road. Yet, it must be difficult combining hazard perception with looking just beyond the front of your wheel to dodge the holes.

I am now calorie counting as this evening has not gone well partly owing to Grandma giving me and my daughter a huuuge slice of her lemon drizzle cake on the way home, which then gave me a taste for more sweet things at dinner time – “oh I’ll just have a biscuit, and another and another” Self control has gone out of the window – I am suffering from an attack of the sweet /sweet cycle as opposed to the sweet and savoury cycle.

On the other hand, I am committed to achieving a lot of lengths for the Team 5k swimathon challenge this year. Swimathon organised a live Q&A with a swim-coach over facebook (the one and only time facebook is useful) and having posed a question on the wall I got a detailed reply back in 20 minutes. However, I typed 11 lengths instead of 100 so he must think I am either recovering from an op or eating too many doughnuts for considering 11 lengths a challenge. I am concerned though as due to baby boy’s various illnesses and half term, I haven’t been in the pool for 2 weeks now. Am hoping powerhoop will pull me through for the time being….I’m not bad at spinning its just the dodging bit I’ve got to improve on.

I am blogging every day for Unicef to help them protect vulnerable children by raising £1 a day through this blog. It’s not happening yet but I have faith that one day the money will start to come in – if you want to be an early adopter of this kind of fundraising please check my page out on the Unicef website.

Thanks for reading.


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