Moving on

My friend has just started a new life for herself and her daughter after splitting from her partner of several years. She instigated the split after realising that she wanted him to change and he wasn’t willing to. It is exactly a year since she put the wheels in motion and after a traumatic past few months of living alongside someone you no longer wish to be with and all the spite and hurt that goes with that, she is now free.

But having made the break she is now finding her feet in a new reality. It is hard for her to adjust although thankfully her daughter is doing well. We went to see her at her Mum’s place over the weekend. Her mum has a beautiful house set up in the hills surrounded by a gorgeous garden with fabulous views. It is idyllic and it was great for my daughter to play with her daughter again as she has missed her since she moved schools. We were also there to help her Mum position an owl nesting box high up in a tree at the bottom of the garden. Her Mum spent a while dictating to my husband “left a bit, right a bit” as he scaled the tree to get just the right angle. We were then all debating as to whether it would be too wobbly for the owl to be comfortable enough to make a home there – and so ensued a debate about the average weight of an owl and to what extent it would wobble on the perch. 

We got some rope to tie around the diameter of the box for re-enforcement and it made me think of my friend in her new house and life. She is a bit wobbly at the moment and needs more security to make her future more comfortable and I am very confident it will come soon – she deserves it.

I am blogging every day to help Unicef raise money to protect vulnerable children world-wide. I aim to make a £1 a day through this blog, so if you can help the campaign, please visit my page on the Unicef website.

Thanks for reading.


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