Building a pyramid in a recession

I met up with a friend this morning for coffee. To be fair she is a new friend I met around about the time she was embarking on a new business venture – a pyramid scheme franchise selling aloe vera products.

I am a sucker for homeopathic remedies and potions and lotions. So I went to her launch event a couple of months ago and bought a couple of items to try out – namely the ones that promise to cure children’s cold and flu symptoms and adult aches and pains. So far so good – the heat lotion does seem to help with chesty coughs and relieve sore muscles. I now have the cure-all gel to try and some pills that are meant to be good for hayfever and energy levels (i just need to convince hubby to take 2 a day).

What my friend really wants me to attempt is the feel good gel drink which you are meant to sip daily to improve overall health. Although I’m sure it would have a positive effect we can’t afford to pay for that as well as food (rather crucial) so have opted out.

This morning she was telling me how she has found it hard to recruit others to start selling the products too as her target to climb the hierarchy is to recruit so many people underneath her  – a percentage of the profit of their sales then filters up to her and this happens to her superiors also. She talked about how it is effectively a pension as, once you have these people selling for you, the income goes up and up and she even talked about how it can pass down to a second generation. At which point I was starting to look at her as if she had 2 heads – not convinced one iota.

I explained to her that the women she had tried to recruit had probably pulled out because of their husbands. Most men are sceptical as to the benefits of creams etc so this idea is just too off the wall. But apparently the best sellers are men in the London office who manage to do very well in both product selling and recruiting more member sellers – I was now looking at her like she had three heads. I just couldn’t see how men were selling this stuff to other men and they were buying it….I then started thinking of the scenario of a load of gay guys in a shower talking about the merits of aloe vera as they were massaging the product into each other’s bodies….yes I could see how in that case the stuff might fly off the shelves. She then mentioned that African American men seem to be particularly successful…..I then swapped the gay men in my imagination for lots of African American men in the showers with white fluffy robes wrapped around their waists while massaging aloe vera into their muscly arms (and then realised I was getting side-tracked into an area I shouldn’t really be going into at 10.30 in the morning) so I nodded like Churchill the insurance dog while quietly fuming once again that men get better paid than women (on the whole).  

So I have got some of this gelly and while it won’t magic up a room full of shower fresh muscly black men, I am hoping that it will at least get rid of my mouth ulcer and a few scratchy patches on my daughter’s skin… this space.

I am blogging every day to help fundraise for Unicef. This is morphing into a social experiment to see if anyone is willing to donate £1 for every time they enjoy reading this blog. Visit my page on the Unicef site to donate. It worked once (a blogger donated £5) so am hoping that another windfall will happen any-time soon – regardless, I will keep on typing and have committed to do this for life (or as long as my fingers can move and my eyes can read).

Thanks for reading.



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